Get Your Grill On offers grills, smokers outdoor ovens and cooking devices. We offer grilling and smoking fuels, parts and accessories. Smoke boxes and smoker tubes, tools, utensils and accessories are part of our product line. We can take your outdoor entertaining, or simple everyday meal preparation to a new level.

From camping to custom built outdoor kitchens we can provide what you need. If you are an entry level beginning griller or smoker or have custom build professional needs, we can assist your needs.  The grilling and smoking weekend master can fill their grill and accessory needs here.

A complete outdoor kitchen island, with built in grilling, smoking stations, and storage is within your reach. Our goal is to supply everyone with top quality products, back them with professional assistance, in a friendly atmosphere. We are here to help you Get Your Grill On.

Please visit our store, located at  5164 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Get Your Grill On store exterior

Popular Brands

Grill and Smoker Brands and Styles

The brands we carry are top of the line. Yoder, Blaze, Kamado Joe, Green Mountain and Weber are available for viewing and demonstration. We can provide any type of grilling or smoking system you need.  Grills and smoker types we offer include charcoal, ceramic, pellet, pit barrel cookers, offset and gas.   To complete your indoor and outdoor grilling experience we also offer a line of gas fireplace logs for indoor pleasure and outdoor entertaining. Your friends will hope you invite them often.

Grilling and Smoking Fuels and Accessories

Learn more about briquettes, lump charcoal, wood pellets, smoke boxes, gas grills, rotisseries and fire-starters. Find your add-on accessories or replacement parts for your grill or smoker. See the top of the line tools and utensils. Whether you are camping or entertaining we have what you need.

BBQ Grilling and Smoking Recipes, Sauces, Seasonings and Rubs

Get Your Grill On will become your flavor headquarters for sauces and seasoning rubs. Bring home that regional flavor you crave with smoking chips.  We can teach you how to use them. Our selection of sauces and rubs along with our grilling recipes will enhance all your grilled meat and vegetable masterpieces. We carry Killer Hogs, Code 3, Dizzy Pig, Meat Church, Old Coots, True Southern Smoke, Green Mountain Grills, Pit Barrel Cookers, and Sauces-N-Such by Ryan.

Rubs and Sauces

Grilling Demonstrations, Events and Videos

Events we will be hosting will demonstrate how to grill and smoke your meals. We can help you decide on the brands and styles of grill or smoker that suits you best.  Watch our videos on how to get the professional results you want.  We want to help you have the best barbecue experience.  Isn’t it time to Get Your Grill On?

Contact our professionals today to find solutions to questions you have, or visit our contact page for details on finding our store in Virginia Beach, VA. View our products online and save time for grilling. We can help you Get Your Grill On!

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